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Excited by the style and efficiency of the new BEHA heaters, Tony and Cathy and their friends Richard and Nikki formed Neater Heater to import them into Spain. “Using the competition´s figures we calculated that it would cost well over €2,000 just to buy their most economic radiators to heat a (sample) three bedroom villa, Neater Heaters would be able to supply and fit BEHA heaters to the same villa for less than €1000.”

We were so impressed that we would now like to offer this fantastic heating system to others in the Costa Blanca and Almeria area.

Central Heating Costa Blanca

If you have an older home which has no central heating this system is easily installed without any disruption to you or your home, also meaning it can be installed very quickly and used immediately for those Winter months on the Costa Blanca.

Villa Heating Costa blanca

For those of you with rental properties you too can now rent all year round with this central heating system knowing it wont cost you a fortune!

 convector heaters are intended for full central heating of the home and there is a large variety of models. The heaters are simple to install and more user friendly than ever.

The heaters are approved and certified according to international CCa specifications EN 60335 and carry the CE mark, thus complying with European safety standards.

All  heaters are fitted with on/off switch and electronic thermostat, maintaining a very stable room temperature.

An important safety feature of the heater is the thermal cut out switch, this disconnects the power to the heater if an object accidentally falls onto the heater body. When the covering object is removed the cut out will reset automatically once the heater reaches a safe operating temperature.

Burning dust and associated discolouring is a problem with many convector heaters. Our convector heaters reduce this problem due to the low temperature on the heating element.This is particularly beneficial for those with asthma and allergies.

Additional economy can be achieved with the wireless central control system, the heaters have an optional extra, called the  iJaz, these are easily fitted and can be added at any time after installation.

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